Bull Dozer Construction

Keep Your Equipment Running on Schedule

Construction equipment is a huge investment, and even with insurance, damaged or lost equipment is very costly to replace in terms of money and/or time lost. Equipment trackers ensure pricey construction equipment can be recovered if stolen from the job site. Whether it’s equipment you use or equipment you rent to others, you’re taking a huge risk by not having GPS tracking on your assets.

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We use Rhino Fleet Tracking to track and send directions to our custom application equipment. This service has benefited us very well! It helps with our logistics phenomenally.” – Kyle Samples, Assistant Facilities Manager, Crop Production Services

GPS Tracking of Farm Equipment

Use GPS to Monitor Vehicle and Equipment Usage

When running a jobsite, two of the most important items for your bottom line are costs and time. If your vehicles need repair due to inappropriate or excessive use, that can have a significant financial cost. More importantly, if your equipment is out of commission, this can cause delays in your construction schedule that lead to cost overruns, unhappy customers, and severe financial ramifications.

GPS fleet management offers a solution for many of these potential hazards. With a GPS tracking system, you will be able to monitor vehicle and equipment usage to ensure that those assets are only working when are where they are scheduled to be working, thus limiting unnecessary wear and tear. Additionally, fleet tracking will help you work with authorities to quickly recover stolen assets, saving the time and hassle that comes with filing police reports and insurance claims.