2g AT&T shutdown

AT&T 2G Turndown

For many years, AT&T operated the 2G network in cooperation with T-Mobile and a number of other miscellaneous cellular providers throughout the United States.  Now, T-Mobile is the only national carrier still operating a 2G network.

Okay, I have 2G GPS tracking devices – what are my options?

So, your choices are brief.

  1. Purchase new 3G or CDMAbased tracking on AT&T or Verizon; or
  2. Have your fleet tracking service provider swap your 2G SIM for a T-Mobile 2G SIM.

Unfortunately, (Yes – we are using that word a lot!) swapping a SIM card in a GPS tracking device also requires some reprogramming of that device.  Each GPS tracking device used for fleet tracking and management requires programming specific to the cellular carrier.  So, a device that will use a T-Mobile SIM card will have to be reconfigured to find the T-Mobile network.

What is the best choice?

Good question.

If cashflow is a problem, the right answer might be the T-Mobile SIM card swap out. The drawback is that this network is, in our experience, not nearly as prevalent in the United States as the AT&T network has been historically.  In major cities, you will probably be fine, but that will only truly be determined when the entire AT&T network is turned off.  To be clear, for GPS tracking devices and fleet tracking applications, the difference in 2G speeds and 3G speeds is irrelevant.  The amount of data being passed from fleet tracking devices regarding location, direction, and speed is quite small as compared to audio or video information.

Even if cashflow is a problem, the T-Mobile SIM card swap might not be the only option.  For instance, Rhino Fleet Tracking provides fleet tracking devices for just $39.95 each.  So, cash might not be an issue at all.  We also offer ways to pay out your devices over a long term or get on a plan similar to the AT&T Next plan for cell phones.  The best part of this is that the devices you will purchase now are good for many years to come (probably 7-10 as no sunset for 3G has been announced).

Will I have to uninstall and reinstall my current GPS tracking devices?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  OBD II tracking devices are an option for many fleets.  These do not require professional installation.  So, you could leave the old devices in, cancel the service, and just install the new OBD II trackers.

We can certainly help you out at 800-293-0420 if you need more information.