5 Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Here are just some of the key ways that a modern fleet tracking solution can help save your company time and money.

  1. Lower Fuel Costs
  • Unmonitored trucking fleets can lead to inefficient fuel consumption
  • Valuable resources are wasted and operating expenses are increased
  • Poor driving habits and inefficient routes can increase your fuel use and lead to premature equipment failure
  1. Eliminate Theft and Waste
  • Real-time knowledge of where your property is at ALL times
  • High-tech geographic settings can be set to alert you when drivers aren’t following their pre—determined routes
  • Peace of mind 24/7
  1. Lower Labor Costs
  • Create tighter schedules and eliminate unnecessary overtime work
  • Identify key productivity trends and recognize outstanding performers
  • Realize and maximize your team’s full potential
  1. Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Effectively reduce maintenance costs by reviewing your stored data and acting on your findings
  • Pinpoint wasteful processes and extend periods between maintenance by increasing route efficiency. Resulting in a decrease in wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.
  1. Improve Safety
  • Implement measures to improve overall driver protection
  • Monitor speed, correct inappropriate drive behavior and never miss a scheduled maintenance check

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