Empty PocketsEvery day you probably hear someone asking some variation of the question, “how can I get it cheaper?” When everything costs money, we’re in the business to save you as much as possible.

You’ll hear a lot of tips of things other people have done to save money, well we’re including a few things that YOU can do to be sure you’re saving.

1. Start Using A GPS Fleet Management System

For business owners, small or large, this will always be the #1 recommendation for saving money.

Once you’ve seen and begun to use fleet tracking telematics, you’ll understand your vehicle and its wear more comprehensively than before.

A fleet monitoring system not only provides live location updates, but also detailed information on driver behaviors and vehicle performance while preventing theft. There really is nothing quite like it.

Using an OBDII Device, you’ll be able to pull diagnostics codes whenever your vehicle is having trouble. It will accurately find your issue using the same system a mechanic would and automatically send you a message.

Poor driving habits like harsh braking and fast starting can burn extra fuel and kill your brakes quicker. Having a GPS tracking software tell you when your drivers are driving poorly is great, because you don’t monitor the drivers, the system does.

The conversation is simple at that point. “Hey, you’re doing this which is detrimental to the health of the vehicles. Please stop.”

And finally!!!! Don’t forget to talk to your insurance company about getting lower premiums once you’ve started using a vehicle tracking system.

2. Stop Idling

Idling may seem pretty innocent at first, especially because you shouldn’t burn a lot of fuel while not driving, but if you’re driving anything other than a compact sedan, you’re wasting a lot of fuel.

Let’s start small. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, smaller sedan waste about 1/5 a gallon of gas per hour. If your drivers do a lot of waiting during the day, this could easily be wasting gallons of gas each week.

The same research shows that Medium Heavy Trucks that use gasoline waste almost 4/5 of a gallon per hour that they’re idling. 2-3 hours of idling per week can seriously add up over the span of a year.

Factor in the cost of gas and you’re saving thousands by not idling!

3. Stay on Top of Maintenance

This is most easily managed within a fleet tracking software dashboard, but it’s also very possible without it.

Keeping a close eye on vehicle maintenance sounds like a burden, and we all know your drivers aren’t going to be the ones that do it. Using a GPS Fleet Management Tracking System means it keeps the close eye out for you.

Things like tire pressure and rotations, as well as oil changes and more all are little things you must do regularly to extend the life of your vehicle. Not only that, but doing these things prevents larger issues from happening.

With good tires, your vehicle maintains its fuel efficiency and economy. With bad oil, your engine is bound to run into trouble down the road.

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