Sleeping WorkerIncreasing your Field Productivity by using a fleet tracking software could be the easiest way that your business is able to boost your bottom line. Your workers will become more efficient in their jobs and waste less time between jobs, allowing them to take on more jobs with the time they saved.

According to a study by The Aberdeen Group, businesses that implemented a GPS fleet management system saw an average of 7% increase in productivity for their mobile workers.

What is a 7% productivity increase for your business, per mobile worker?

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, we study Tasks/Jobs Completed Daily for our clients to help them really get a grasp of where their business saves and areas to boost productivity per worker.

The Aberdeen Group says that the average revenue brought in per mobile skilled worker varies, but most tend to fit into the range of generating $87,000 – $216,000 revenue annually.

With a 7% increase in productivity, your business can expect a potential increase of $6,090 – $15,120 annually per mobile skilled worker. Yes, that’s per worker! Which doesn’t even include other areas of savings, this is simply bettering your bottom line by improving what your workers are already doing.

How GPS Tracking works to make this happen? Rhino Fleet Tracking’s software will help plan routes, monitor idle time, and manage other hidden operational inefficiencies with the assistance of our Customer Success team.

Looking for affordable fleet tracking at a competitive price point? You always envisioned what it would be like to run a more efficient business – utilizing Rhino Fleet Tracking is not just the start, but the partner you need to get your business to the next level.

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