ROI with a TruckAccording to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, after implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution to help manage their vehicles and assets, most fleets saw their annual vehicle use improve 2.9%.

With a lot to learn about our vehicle tracking service, let’s dive into what 2.9% improvement means for your business and your fleet. Here are the areas your business should focus on when seeking the biggest return after implementing a fleet monitoring system.

Total Service Costs – This refers to the cost associated with maintaining vehicle health and longevity. Use the Rhino Fleet Tracking software to manage and schedule vehicle maintenance including oil changes, tire rotations, routine checkups and more!

Customers who implemented fleet tracking saw about a 4.9% improvement in this area, real dollars that stayed in their pockets.

Total Fuel Costs – Fuel savings is a big one! How GPS tracking works here is mainly in two areas that cut your fuel costs daily and over the course of the year.

Firstly, you save on the cost of fuel because we integrate with ExxonMobil fuel cards, saving you up to $0.08 per gallon every time you fill up, saving your business lots on each individual vehicle’s gas bill.

Secondly, by planning routes and taking the shortest route to each service location, you’ll reduce the amount of fuel you use each day per vehicle and across your entire fleet.

On average, businesses that added a new GPS tracking system saw about a 5% improvement on fuel costs for the year. Many companies saw much, much more!

Idle Time – The day you begin tracking your fleet, your business will quickly see a reduction in the amount of time the employees spend idling. Most business saw about a 9.9% reduction in idle time, meaning their vehicles spent 10% less time sitting while running with fuel burning and employees wasting time.

If you think your employees are efficient now, add fleet tracking and see how much more they are able to do!

Looking for affordable fleet tracking at a competitive price point? All of these are real areas that your business should focus on to save real dollars and better your bottom line.

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