If you’re managing a remote fleet, you have to think about how to use your resources most effectively to keep costs low. You have likely tried to improve excessive fuel spend, and maybe you’ve had luck, but there’s always more you can do.

No matter what your business  already does, there are additional ways to cut fuel costs using a fleet tracking service. Continue below for our tips on cutting fuel costs:

Save on Fuel

Plan Out Efficient Routes

It sounds simple, but it can’t be overstated. Dedicating time each week to plan out the most efficient routes from one destination to the next will save your drivers time and fuel.

Use a GPS Fleet Monitoring System to adjust routes throughout the day as traffic changes, so your drivers continue to take the shortest, most cost-effective routes.

Reduce Idle Time

Drivers sitting idly with the car running before and after a job increases fuel consumption, but businesses can easily cut back on this. Sure, your drivers spend time logging information about jobs, but there’s no need for this to cut into your fuel bill.

Using a fleet tracking system allows you to set idle time alerts for however long you expect your workers to be stopped after a job. You always know when they sat for long periods instead of moving to the next location.

Use a Fuel Card

Using a fuel card means that your business can save on fuel every time a driver needs to fill up. You know they drive thousands of miles, why not get a fuel card and lower your gas prices and overall cost?

Our fleet tracking solution allows you to integrate with WEX fuel cards so that you can both save on fuel and see your fuel reports right in our dashboard. Want to see a demo of our fuel reports? Schedule one below.


Monitor Poor Driving Habits

Driving habits can not only negatively affect fuel expenses but also general vehicle health. When new businesses implement fleet tracking for vehicles, they found that driving habits were not what they expected – lots of alerts for speeding and harsh braking.

Some of your drivers are also displaying poor driving habits, without considering your precious asset (the vehicle) as something that needs to be taken care of and maintained.

Using a GPS fleet tracking provider removes the responsibility from your drivers and allows you to manage what they’re doing while they’re on the go.

You don’t have to wonder if Steve is exemplifying good driving habits, you can see it in front of your eyes if he is or is not.

Use Maintenance Features

Finally, with Rhino Fleet Tracking you can set up maintenance and service reminders so that your vehicles are always in good health.

Schedule and plan things like tire rotations, oil changes, and any other regular service tasks that your drivers may not care to remind you about. Using fleet tracking allows you to manage your remote workers and vehicles better than you ever have.

So what’s the wait? Get started saving on fuel today using Rhino Fleet Tracking! Call 800-293-0420.