Blocking the Alley

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Recently, we got a call from a business who wanted to start tracking because her business received a call complaining her vehicle was blocking an alley and had been for hours, the person wanted to get through.

She only had a few drivers, so she asked what part of town they spotted her vehicle to get a better idea of who it was. When they told her where it happened, none of her drivers were supposed to be there.

She hung up and immediately called her drivers one by one till she found out which one was parked there.

She instructed him to move his vehicle and then call her back.

He claimed to have been taking a short lunch break at home. But that isn’t what it sounded like when she received the call.

Later that week, the owner called us and asked what the best way would be to quickly install and get information about her drivers, so we provided her the OBDII device that plugs right in.

She never told her drivers she was tracking them, she wanted to know the truth.

After getting her devices, we let a few weeks pass and we called to see how things were going.

The driver she suspected was taking extra time during his breaks and not getting to jobs later in the day was spending time at home. His ‘short lunch break’ wasn’t short at all.

She was overpaying a lazy employee.

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