Sleep in the TruckA longtime Rhino Fleet Tracking customer continues to grow his landscaping business and adds new employees every year right before the peak summer season. As the season begins to wind down and Fall approaches, there are many expected and unexpected changes to how they run things.

As business declines in the Fall, they usually require their employees to wear a ‘sales’ hat and search for more landscaping work.

Making the transition to sales requires scouting for new opportunities, which they’re expected to do after they finish a job. He asks them to go around the neighborhoods and see if anyone needs help. Typically they will leave a business card or a door hanger at potential customers houses.

This system has helped him find new clients for years during the seasonal lulls.

This year, he noticed that one of his trucks wasn’t pulling in any extra business. He asked the team in that truck and they simply said there were no fish biting.

Eventually, he called Rhino to see if we could help him look for anything suspicious. Looking into his account, we saw this truck follow the same pattern day after day. Around 2pm, his drivers would turn on the vehicle but go nowhere. It stayed idle there until quitting time around 4.

Most other trucks showed similar activity at the end of the day, turning on around 2pm when they were finished with their jobs. Although the other trucks would immediately begin moving meticulously through surrounding neighborhoods. This is what he expected. So, what was going on?

Armed with this new information, he decided to go to the location where his truck was sitting idle, maybe the guys were just doing their scouting on foot so they could split up.

Unfortunately, he learned this wasn’t the case when he pulled up to the truck he found them taking a nap!

Have you noticed anything odd or unexplained with your mobile fleet?

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