Rhino Walking AwayWhen was the last time you heard of someone having something stolen from them? Probably recently. For us at Rhino Fleet Tracking, that’s every day. We’re here to remind you to cover your assets.

You’re not alone, there’s no shame in putting a GPS tracking device on your equipment. Like the thousands of businesses that are currently using Rhino, using GPS fleet tracking you’re protecting your business before it’s too late.

How Can We Protect Your Assets?

Rhino Fleet Tracking uses the same software to track your assets that we would for any vehicle. That means providing your business with regular location updates as well as telematics information.

More than a simple trailer tracker or trailer tracking device, in addition to regular location updates, you’ll receive alerts every time your equipment is in motion and you don’t expect it to be.

Knowing this, you can comfortably leave your equipment in the yard and know that it will be protected.

Tracking Equipment in Motion

In addition to a wired in options, we also offer asset tracking devices that are battery powered. This solution works great for equipment that is moving from place to place but doesn’t have its own power source.

Fleet monitoring doesn’t just mean cars, it also includes things like ships, shipping containers, a fleet of trailers that are going to be delivered, and everything in between. All of these are precious assets to a business, so we’ve created GPS tracking for fleets of all shapes and sizes.

You can even create landmarks on your map so you will get an alert the moment a delivery arrives or a piece of equipment leaves the place it’s supposed to be.

Ready to start tracking? Don’t wait until something is missing! Trackers are on sale now! Follow the link below.