FYIRhino Fleet Tracking software offers many features to help you better manage your remote fleet, but maybe none more satisfying than being able to assign SubFleets in our SubClient tool.

Ideal for larger fleets, especially those with vehicles in different cities, the idea is to divide your fleet into different working subdivisions that can then work together or independently.

Take this client of Rhino for instance, who’s here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and manages his fleet using our SubClient feature:

Week to week, he assesses the workload in each location and depending on which is going to have the heavier load, he’ll allocate more drivers to that area by switching them over in the SubClient tool.

After speaking with his relocating drivers to tell them where they should expect to be the next week, he simply logs into the software and assigns the driver to the new area.

The benefit of this is when assigning a vehicle to a new SubFleet, all of the new real-time logistics and tracking telematics are right there for the driver and manager to view.

This allows your driver to navigate those new job locations and those landmarks that you’ve set so that this fleet can do their job more effectively. You can set up his notifications to now be part of that team.

Without any hassle, your driver has all the information they need to work with that team.

Isn’t that cool?

If you would like to use the SubClient tool, give Rhino Fleet Tracking a call today at 800-293-0420 to or get in contact with a National Account Manager below.