Trucker-pulled-overA gang of rural banditos terrorized south Texas business owners for weeks before they got caught. Slashing fences and stealing equipment was their game until they ran into the wrong business owner… One who was using fleet tracking.

The gang stole equipment and loaded up a trailer that they then drove over the border to Mexico.

This continued for weeks, business owners losing out on expensive equipment that had no real way of being recovered.

Eventually their luck ran out, when they stole some equipment from a customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking.

The gang members loaded up his equipment that wasn’t supposed to move into their trailer.

Upon movement, the business owner received an alert that his equipment was in motion. Knowing something was up – his equipment never moved after hours – he quickly called the police.

Together, they were able to track the equipment and stop the thief before hitting the border.

With the help of police officers, the business owner was able to recover his equipment. He then called for a truck to come pick it up and bring it back to their equipment yard.

Inside, the police found more equipment other than our customer’s and they realized it had belonged to the other victims. After due diligence, the police were able to return everything to the rightful owners.

Unsurprisingly, the thief already had warrants for multiple crimes in the past. Go figure!

We don’t love when people have their property stolen, but we do love to help a customer in need!

You don’t want to have your things stolen and no way to recover them. Start tracking today! Call Rhino Fleet Tracking at 800-293-0420 or fill out the form below.

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