Golf course w cartSometimes part of your daily routine leaves your equipment at risk without you ever knowing it.

This golf course manager frequently left golf carts near each of the holes in case members needed them in the mornings – he thought nothing of it, nothing had happened to them before. But, just in case, he had fleet tracking installed on all of his carts.

Then, one evening a thief came to the course, stole a golf cart, and drove it away!

Without an easy escape path, the thief improvised and cut a hole in a nearby fence to continue his getaway.  He drove through the hole in the fence, got into a fight with the dogs on the neighboring property, and then continued out into the neighborhood.

The next morning, the course manager noticed the hole in the fence and the missing cart shortly after.

Because he used an equipment tracker, it was scheduled to only locate twice a day or when it left a certain area. His email was flooded with tracking updates after his cart began moving. The only reason he hadn’t gotten them in the middle of the night is because he’d turned off email notifications!

He immediately called Rhino to get an exact location of it, and we were able to provide more frequent – hourly – updates to the device until he was able to recover it. After the first few location pings, the cart stopped moving and located just a few blocks away from the course.

The course manager was able to find and retrieve it from there, thankful for Rhino Fleet Tracking because the thief had broken all the other anti-theft mechanisms on the cart.  We also helped him set up text message alerts so if anything happens in the future he will know right away.

What was at first a scary experience ended with a few smiles and a sigh of relief. It’s not always pretty, but we’ll always help you get your equipment back. Call Rhino at 1-800-293-0420.

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