Accountability checklist

In a survey Rhino Fleet Tracking conducted in October 2018 that you can find here, we found that besides increasing operational efficiencies, the leading reason businesses find value in Fleet Tracking is maintaining employee accountability.

Accountability is an umbrella term for a few different responsibilities that come with having a GPS tracker in your vehicle.

First and foremost, there’s an innate need for honesty from employees when vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, because users of our app can view driver behavior from length of stops, to speed, obviously location, and more. There are no secrets.

You’ll notice when great employees are excelling, because the tracker shows employees who go above and beyond to work more efficiently and save time.

Additionally, our GPS software is extremely useful for time sheets and providing proof for payroll. Eliminate the back and forth between employees and HR when reporting their hours worked by guaranteeing you always know where they are and what’s going on.

Many have reported the value of this for their business because they are now able to rely on an accurate system to track where the employees are and how much they have worked.

No longer is there a need for employees to self-report and your business to possibly lose money on inaccurate timecards. No need to report anything at all – our tracking system will create a time report for you!

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