Risk ManagementPicture this: You’re the owner of a company that has dozens of fleet vehicles, but you haven’t gotten tracking yet though you’ve thought about it and accessed the cost.

One day when in the office you receive the news that one of your vehicles has been in a one car accident. The driver is unharmed, but your vehicle is now undriveable.

As the owner of the company, you’re supposed to trust your employees – and you do – but it’s also part of your responsibility to keep your organization safe. Now you’re stuck. Well what the heck happened?

An underappreciated benefit of fleet tracking is the improvement in safety.

Without tracking, who knows what’s going on with your drivers when they’re out in the field?

Let’s dig into the ways a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution can benefit your company every day.

Emphasizing Driver Safety Standards with a GPS Management System

It’s imperative that you talk to your drivers and remote employees about the behavior that’s expected of them, whether you have tracking or not.

GPS Fleet Tracking is especially helpful when you want to see if the rubber meets the road, if your drivers are truly doing what you expect of them.

Having a fifteen-minute conversation about driver safety is not a waste of anyone’s time. The added clarity leaves no grey areas for any of your employees to misbehave.

Reduce Liability for Accidents

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to speed, but how many people actually listen?

Speeding happens. It’s going to for various reasons and we all understand that. But sustained speeding lasting 10, 15, 30 minutes being 15 miles above the speed limit?

Speeding that doesn’t stop. The kind of driver you don’t want to be in the car with. That kind of driving, reckless, is traceable in our fleet tracking dashboard.

Through alerts, you’re able to see a track record of poor driving behavior.

And when that accident happens? You’ll log into Rhino Fleet Tracking and see that your driver was acting outside of your safety standards, being a liability for your company.

Decrease Risk of Vehicle Theft

Vehicles are frequently stolen – even if it hasn’t happened to you. A portion of our business is dedicated to reducing theft and recovering the vehicles that are.

Adding a GPS vehicle tracker to your fleet means one of two things for your company. Either you can prevent theft from happening entirely – catching the theft in the act or deterring them. Or we can recover your vehicle after it has been stolen.

This isn’t some additional feature or service; this is fleet tracking and we’re here to help your business grow while minimizing liabilities.

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