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A non-profit organization that provides healthcare services submits paperwork to the local government to receive funding through grants. Some of the information they must provide to receive their money are things like miles driven, vehicle health, the number of trips, patients attended and more.

Needing a software that could handle all these things, they came to Rhino Fleet Tracking so they could accurately and easily prove what they are doing, and they needed to find a way to collect and store this information all in one place.

Rhino offers reporting to track vehicle maintenance, mileage, stops and much more alongside our GPS tracking. You can download reports for any day you’ve had our service, up to 365 days prior. There are no gray areas, all the information is in one place that you customize for your business.

In case of emergencies, our healthcare customer uses our software and our application to dispatch the closest vehicle to the location needed. As well, because they service 24 hours, 7 days a week, if they have a sick driver who is out for the day, they use dispatching to pick up the slack.

Between dispatching and reporting, our healthcare client saves thousands of dollars in operational efficiencies each month, while serving more clients than ever before.

Although they have been around over 50 years, we provided a service they needed long, long ago.

It’s in your best interest not to wait 50 years to improve your business. Find out what fleet tracking can do for your business by scheduling a demo today.