To get to this point, I’m sure you’ve gone through your share of doubts about what fleet tracking can get you. You’ve read tons of people talking about what fleet tracking did for them, but what can it do for you? Here, we’re debunking the myths that keep people from using a fleet tracking service.


MYTH: Only Large Companies Need Vehicle Tracking


Whether you  have one vehicle or thousands, our GPS Fleet Tracking devices can support your business. Even if you’re “technically challenged”, our fleet tracking is easy to use and comes with exceptional customer support. You cannot be everywhere and GPS fleet tracking partners with you in monitoring the safety of employees and maintenance of your vehicles. Read more about the benefits of our fleet tracking services in our post that answers the question,  “Do I Have A Fleet?”

MYTH: You can’t track something that doesn’t have a battery source?


We offer devices that are specific for your trailer or powerless assets. Why ship precious equipment across the world or USA without the comfort of knowing where it is at all times? Those days are long gone. You can track small or heavy-duty equipment. Check out our asset tracker here.

MYTH: GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are too Expensive


If fleet tracking was more expensive than the return it gives you, we simply wouldn’t be in business. Getting started with a fleet management system is as low as $16.95 and the return starts immediately.

Tracking your fleet means that your overall costs are significantly reduced. Your business will unavoidably save in fuel consumption, distance traveled, employee labor, maintenance and more!

MYTH: Drivers HATE Tracking


Your drivers won’t hate tracking, and they don’t hate the thought of it. The key is transparency. When your drivers understand how fleet vehicle tracking improves the business and their daily tasks, they’ll LOVE tracking.

Check out the article we wrote,  ‘Why Drivers Love Fleet Tracking’.

And finally…

MYTH: You need cameras


Unless you are interested in seeing what your drivers are looking at while driving, or seeing into the car to see unacceptable behavior, you won’t need cameras to get the best fleet tracking experience for your business.

Often sold as a ‘look what we have!’ item, cameras are subject to being subpoenaed if your drivers are brought into court. If you want to learn more about cameras and using them, feel free to call a National Account Manager at Rhino Fleet Tracking by calling 1-800-293-0420 today.

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