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Efficient time management is crucial for mobile distribution centers in the food and beverage industry. These type of companies must be able to deliver fresh food and beverages locally, or across the nation. Tracking your vehicles will give your food and beverage distribution business the ability to deliver their products safely and quickly, while saving valuable dollars on fuel costs and overtime pay.

When delivering perishable food and beverage items, minimizing driving times could not be more important. GPS fleet tracking not only insures the security of your investment by giving you 24/7 real-time location insight, but also by maximizing delivery efficiency.

With vehicle location technology, fleet managers have the ability to discover the most efficient delivery routes and dispatch their drivers accordingly. Mangers also have the up-to-date information to adjust routes based on unforeseen obstacles, such as traffic and hazardous weather. The ability to monitor the location of each company vehicle allows fleet managers to be sure routes are being utilized.

Your company invests a great deal of money in the quality products your drivers are delivering. Implementing a GPS tracking system will hold your drivers accountable for protecting these investments. This will prevent theft and inefficient delivery, while ensuring that your customers receive your products in the excellent condition your brand name promises.

Vehicle tracking will not only save your company money which would be spent on replacing stale or expired products, but also on fuel costs and overtime payroll expenditures. Optimizing your driving routes and ensuring driver compliance with real-time GPS insight will allow your products to be delivered as efficiently as possible. Tracking your company vehicles will alert fleet managers to any inefficient use of company property. Just as your company invests in their quality products, they invest in company vehicles and fuel. With GPS fleet tracking, you will be able to identify unnecessary idling or route divergence that will use excess gas usage and wear on your company vehicles. By tracking the real-time location and drive times of your company vehicles, timesheet disputes will become irrelevant. Fleet tracking gives food and beverage companies the ability to deliver quality products efficiently, while minimizing unnecessary spending.

Whether your company fleet consists of 10 pizza delivery vehicles or 1000 refrigerated, industrial trucks, GPS fleet tracking will improve your delivery time and customer service. By implementing a company vehicle tracking system, you will be able to give your clients more accurate estimated arrival times. You will also be able to alert your customers if any unforeseen traffic circumstances change this estimate. Your customers will appreciate the dedication to efficient delivery and to their satisfaction. The increased productivity with route optimization and driver motivation will allow your company to serve more customers in less time. Therefore, fleet tracking not only has the potential to save money, but also to generate more revenue for your company.

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