Construction EquipmentIt’s no secret that construction equipment is often stolen directly at the site. Lengthy projects that take weeks, months, years, often require expensive equipment to be left at the job site for long periods of time.

It’s risky. It’s the way things have always been done.

Recently, The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that of all the construction equipment stolen, less than 25% of it is actually recovered. Not even 25%!!! If you have 4 vehicles stolen in a year, you’re likely only recovering 1, maybe even 0… Unless you start tracking.

GPS Tracking allows those businesses who are already equipped to recover their stolen assets.

Having the tools in place to track and recover stolen equipment is the key ingredient in successfully protecting your assets. Managing your construction fleet could potentially save you thousands in losses within a year and definitely over time. Just consider how many assets you had stolen last year and years prior.

What are some of the most common stolen assets at construction sites that you can track to ensure they are protected?

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment – Tractors and other construction machinery
  • Metals – large sheets of metal that are stored for long periods
  • Large Materials – Dumpers, Generators, Port-a-Johns, etc.
  • Trailers – Large trailers whether they are powered or not can be tracked

Why use GPS tracking for equipment?

For a myriad of reasons, construction sites are popular places for thieves to prey upon. Due to the grouping of expensive equipment and the lack of sufficient security are leading reasons why your equipment left on site is at risk. Here’s how to manage that.

Asset and Equipment Tracking

Using asset tracking is important because it allows you to track more than just your vehicles and powered assets that are on site, you can also track things like expensive tools and powerless assets you might be concerned about. With asset tracking you can view all of your equipment with attached devices on a map to always see their location. If they’re ever stolen, the software will alert you that your assets are on the move and we can then work to recover them.


Geofencing is the concept that you can create a digital “fence” of any certain area on the map. If your construction site is 8 square miles you can use our software to create a geofence and be notified anytime your equipment leaves that area. Eliminate any chance of your assets being misused.

Theft Recovery

Rhino fleet Tracking has a team that is dedicated to ensuring your business never loses anything under our protection. You can read recovery stories here.

Anytime our customers have something stolen we work with them and local police to recover their property. Even if someone takes your equipment to the other side of the country, we’re going to get it back.


Managing risks is all about preparing for the unexpected. There aren’t many solutions out there that can do what GPS fleet tracking does for your equipment safety and peace of mind, all while providing valuable data about all of your equipment. You’ll never go a day without logging into your Rhino software, just to see ‘what’s up’.