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How does GPS Fleet Tracking reveal unsafe drivers?

Finding safe and efficient drivers for your company’s fleet can be a daunting task for today’s Fleet Manager.  You spend a significant amount of time and money on training to insure the safety of drivers and those around them.  Many Fleet Managers invest in GPS Fleet Tracking systems for fuel savings and understand vehicle location but have you thought of the benefits GPS Fleet Tracking for driver safety?

Let’s look at a few unsafe driving habits that can potentially disrupt your fleet safety ratings.

Texting while driving

With the new and prolific use of mobile phones, calls and text messaging while driving is a common practice for many corporate drivers.  The Virginia Tech Institute stated, “A person who sends or receives text messages while driving is 23 times more likely to crash than someone who is not distracted.”  Many companies have specific policies against mobile phone usage while driving.  If you haven’t taken the opportunity to write a distracted-driving policy, it may be time to do that now.


Excessive speeding is common among many fleet drivers.  Most have an important schedule to keep and, if they fall behind, they often turn to speeding to catch up.  Speeding causes more collisions in the US than any other reason.  The NHTSA states that speeding is a factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes.  But how does a fleet manager monitor speed over posted limits?  Most GPS Fleet Tracking systems monitor speeds but Rhino Fleet Tracking monitors speeds over the posted limit and even alerts you when your drivers pass a pre-set limit.

Aggressive Driving

Let’s face it; overtime on the road causes stress and stress causes road rage.  Road rage manifests itself in many forms: speeding, tailgating, fast starts, and fast stops.  Aggressive driving causes undue wear and tear on vehicles, high insurance costs, and accidents.  When choosing a Fleet Tracking system, be sure it has the ability to alert you when your drivers operate your vehicles aggressively.  Rhino Fleet Tracking systems are designed to alert you when aggressive driving happens and also lets you know when much needed maintenance is due.

As a Fleet Manager, you can keep close track of your drivers even when they’re out of site.  You can keep your drivers and everyone around them safe by providing adequate safety training and monitoring along with strict rules of the road.