Across the U.S., law enforcement departments make use of GPS fleet tracking solutions to direct and oversee their personnel. Doing so enables them to maintain effective operations and maintain community support.

GPS tracking does more than just allow access to real-time location data on vehicles. Fleet tracking systems help law enforcement agencies increase personnel efficiency, boost accountability, and ensure transparency with the public.

This great article details how one law enforcement agency is taking measures to reform timesheet validation for the entire department. This previously unchecked aspect of the department has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in questionable overtime payments that may not have been valid.

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The largest law enforcement agency in the State of Massachusetts is rolling out reforms – including GPS tracking implementation – designed to provide top officials better oversight over troopers. This will ensure that officers get deployed when and where they are most needed.

This department has been plagued with public scandal and criminal investigations for years. This has harmed the reputation of the agency. Public trust and confidence are paramount for the law enforcement agencies that protect our cities.

Gaining Public Trust Using Transparency via GPS Tracking

The integration of new technology solutions, including GPS tracking systems installed in more than 1,000 State Police cruisers, will allow for increased transparency and oversight of the state force.

In addition to restoring trust in the agency and its troopers, officials are gaining access to a world of valuable data that can assist with decision-making processes in the future.

How, specifically, will GPS tracking solutions help out this law enforcement agency?

  • Streamline trooper deployment – Accurate location data allows the deployment of the right troops to the right location at the right time. There is no organization where this is more critical than emergency services.
  • Timesheet reporting and accuracy – For an organization dependent upon taxpayer trust for its funding, it is critical that all expenditures are relevant and justified. If taxpayers feel funds are being misused, then crucial funding may be redirected, threatening public safety.
  • Reduction of time theft and abuse – Not all timesheet errors are equal. While some are legitimate mistakes, others may be indicators of fraud or abuse. Closer monitoring with fleet tracking ensures that bad actors are prevented from abusing the system.
  • Identification of overtime abuses – Fleet tracking can confirm that officers are working their assigned shifts and nothing more. Personnel attempting to remain on the clock to pick up extra overtime hours can be identified and disciplined.

We’ve all heard anecdotes of police or other members of law enforcement sleeping on the job. The State of Massachusetts will now have the tools to identify and eliminate such transgressions.

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