Along with helping managers and supervisors equip their fleet with the correct procedures, tracking is also beneficial to drivers.

Drivers who use tracking can use route optimization on the go. This allows drivers to navigate from one place to the next much easier than having to put addresses into a GPS every time.Software Screenshot GM

Our fleet tracking service is uses Google Maps to help drivers navigate destinations.

When drivers are on the road during peak driving hours, in the morning and evening, route optimization helps them avoid traffic jams and get to the destination quicker.

The software will provide the best route, as well as turn by turn directions on how to get to your destination the quickest.

Having Trouble with Drivers?

There is a myriad of reasons as to why your drivers could be taking too long on jobs.

Often, these reasons are fixable or coachable moments for your team.

Communicate expectations with your team and drivers, especially time between jobs and what to do during downtime.

If you notice that one driver is performing significantly better than others, look to them for examples of good work.

This allows your other drivers to see the standard and to hold themselves accountable for their individual performance.

Equipping your fleet with tracking is the ultimate way to understand how your drivers are performing without being in the vehicle yourself.

Don’t waste any more time. Help your drivers help your business now.