Grapes Natural Vitamins Are In The Back Of TruckIn the workplace, you are often reliant on other people or companies doing their work in order for you to be able to do yours.  When there are a lot of moving pieces, knowing exactly where someone is can be critical.

This is the case for one of our customers who runs a winery. They get grapes from a few different vineyards in their area and have a staff of drivers who pick and deliver the grapes.

Those working at the winery needed to know exactly when the grapes were going to arrive so they could instantly be processed.

When they called Rhino Fleet Tracking, there had already been several occasions where the timing was off – resulting in not enough staff available to handle the deliveries.

Now that they’ve implemented trackers in all their trucks, they are able to always see exactly where their vehicles are. As well, they can also receive alerts when they leave the vineyard and another one as they’re pulling up to the vineyard.

Their business runs more smoothly than ever before because they can ensure someone is always available to receive the grapes.

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