Working horses

For many people, technology is a large part of their everyday life.  Recently, a customer of ours called to say he needed help keeping track of horse-led buggies for his local Amish community – we immediately knew we would have to get a little creative.

The customer rents out buggies and other pieces of farm equipment to people in his area and usually when they are finished, they give him a call to go pick it up or simply deliver it back to him.

For his Amish customers however, he plans ahead and has a designated area where they pick up and drop off the buggies.

For the most part this worked, though the rental periods weren’t always perfectly set in stone and he wasted a lot of time driving out to check the drop location, only to find they hadn’t yet returned the buggy.

Because it was becoming a hassle to keep up with, he considered using GPS tracking to see what solutions we could come up with to help him. Rather than stop offering this service, he found a way to accommodate all of his clientele.

We offer battery-powered asset trackers that he was able to fasten to the buggy.

Next, we set up Landmarks on his map at all the designated drop-off areas.  When the customer brought the buggy back, they could rub a magnet over the device to make it activate and report its location.

The business owner would then get a text letting him know it was located at whichever Landmark.

He has saved hours of extra driving time (not to mention the gas!) and is able to provide a much more efficient service to his customers.

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