Whether you like it or not, it will happen to you at some point. Your employee will disconnect the tracking device and do something personal with your company vehicle.

OBDII Device Unplugged

Fortunately, there’s a way to manage this.

For The Plug-in OBDII Vehicle Tracking Device, receive alerts to your cell phone and emails when the device is disconnected from the diagnostics port.

When using The Wired Tracking device, hidden behind the dash, take comfort knowing your device will continue to track even when partially disconnected. It will alert you when disconnected from power.

Recently, we had a customer whose employee tried to disable a wired vehicle tracker.

They already knew they were being tracked, and apparently found the tracker beneath the dash. One day thinking they were clever, they opted to disengage parts of the tracker for their own personal use.

They removed one antenna to cut the tracker signal as they paraded through their night of fun.

Well, they forgot to put the antenna back, and in the morning their supervisor saw the device was not locating in the morning and called Rhino to diagnose it.

We found the cell antenna had been tampered with, but the GPS antenna was working fine. Tech support worked with the driver and supervisor to get it back running.

When they did, in came alert after alert of last night’s adventure. The driver went on a bar crawl.

The supervisor handled the situation.

Protecting your fleet from risks means fighting against internal and external threats. Use Rhino Fleet Tracking to protect your property.

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