August 2018 Calender

If you own a vehicle that has a gross weight of 55,000 lbs. or more and used that vehicle on public highways in July 2018, the HVUT form 2290 or Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax deadline is approaching. You can learn more about the HVUT by visiting the Office of Highway Policy Information website. Here are some helpful links and information to help you as you prepare this important tax document.

• If you are reporting 25 or more vehicles you are required to e-file.

• Whether you’re an individual, LLC, Partnership, or otherwise- if you own a qualifying HVUT vehicle this tax applies to you.

• You can now pay via credit or debit card.

• The tax form is 2290 and a pdf can be found here.

• The IRS offers the option to schedule an appointment for assistance by calling 844-545-5640.

The deadline for filing rolls based on the month of first use of the vehicle on a public highway. Here is the schedule for submission according to the IRS:

HVUT chart