Traffic Jam

During the last few months of the year, October through December, there’s always an uptick in demand for retail and online shopping, and thus an increase of delivery drivers on the road.

You don’t want to get into trouble by not staying ahead of the rush. Implementing a fleet tracking solution provides your business the ability to improve customer service, enjoy more efficient delivery times and much more!

For Fleet Tracking customers with fleets like yours transporting goods or services, it is imperative to try to reduce hours on the road during peak travel times during the holidays.

We want your business to thrive in the toughest part of the year, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

How Do Additional Drivers Affect Your Business? What Can You Do?

Even if your business isn’t in the retail or delivery space, with the increase in drivers on the road you’ll want your drivers to be especially careful to stay safe. This is how a fleet management system can help your business get the best results in a busy time:

  • Increase safety by monitoring driver behavior.
  • Receive alerts for risky driving habits such as speeding.
  • Use location and time updates to dispatch more drivers for emergencies.
  • Use location tracking and driving habits to support any claims in the event of an accident. You don’t want to be wrongly accused of being at fault.

Increase Driver Efficiency Using a Fleet Management Solution

You’ll also want to monitor your fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and driving efficiency during the holidays using a GPS fleet tracking system.

  • Improve customer service by providing real-time updates and communication between you and your customers.
  • Cut down on idle time when your vehicle doesn’t need to continue to be running.
  • Reduce fuel spend by optimizing routes and using geofencing for delivery drivers.
  • Track down any fuel fraud you may have using our fuel reports.

Find out more about how Rhino’s customized vehicle fleet tracking system can work for your business. Our customers see results in the first month after they implement fleet GPS monitoring. Schedule a demo today.