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Is your business often dealing with insurance companies? Specifically, obtaining payment from them? Insurance companies require a lot of paperwork to guarantee that they’re paying out the correct amount and not losing money.

This strangle-hold on finance, coupled with the fact that most businesses have multiple insurance policies makes insurance one of the most lucrative (and complicated!) industries in the world.

One client of Rhino Fleet Tracking deals with insurance agencies every day because they pick up and provide healthcare services for people in need. The catch? It’s not as simple as picking someone up and setting a flat rate.

Their driving time matters, the mileage they’ve driven matters; it’s imperative to keep track of every detail so that the insurance companies pay our client what they are due.

For this reason, they can’t function without Rhino Fleet Tracking. From managing drive time, dispatching, idle time, mileage and transportation routes; they can download all the information they need to provide to the insurance companies with a few mouse clicks.

No need for the drivers to keep a log of what they’re doing, no dishonesty in the reporting, no wasted time. These are business operations that cannot go unmanaged, and Rhino has helped their business save money and countless hours of work, improving their operational efficiency.

Now, our client tells us they don’t know how they functioned without our fleet tracking. Between our superior software and our relentless customer service, we pride ourselves on making lifetime customers.

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