We’re in Texas, where the winter isn’t always cold and full of snow, but we know many of our clients are going through a cold hell this time of year.

Your fleet drivers who can’t get off the roads this winter will thank you, because driving in winter conditions are already stressful enough.

Even if you aren’t incurring snow, you’ll want to check this list just to ensure you’re checking all the boxes. If your business is on the roads through the cold, here are the preventive tips for maintaining your vehicle’s health.

Changing Tire

Get Scheduled Maintenance Done Early

Using a GPS tracking service is an integral part of managing vehicle health. Not only can you view all of your vehicle history in one dashboard, but you can view your schedule or upcoming maintenance and do it before the weather gets any worse.

If you have an oil change or tire rotation/swap on the horizon, it’s better to just get it over with now before the peak of winter hits.

Check Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure

When the temperature drops drastically, the first thing you’ll want to check on is your tires. The more drastic the drop in temperature, the more likely your tires are to lose a lot of pressure.

Neglecting your tires not only negatively affects fuel usage, it also ruins the tread on your tires – causing them to wear unevenly and negatively impacts the tires overall life. Don’t keep driving on low tires. Instead, check on them. Your drivers are likely not doing this for you.

Check Your Battery Health

National Tire & Battery (NTB), Autozone, O’reilly’s and many other businesses offer free battery checks. On vehicles you’re sure haven’t replaced the battery in a few years, you must get them checked at the very least.

Batteries are one of the moody parts in a vehicle, where you often don’t know your battery is going to die until it’s already too late.

You can’t leave an employee stranded because of negligence, check on your car batteries before it’s too late.

Replace Old Wiper Blades

This is honestly one of the simplest fixes you can do for your vehicle, and any of your employees can do it for you. Swap out old wiper blades so your drivers aren’t battling to see when the weather finally hits.

Salted roads and icy windshields deteriorate your wipers quicker than rain. Your drivers are probably in their cars ducking and twisting their heads just to see. Let’s help them feel safer this winter.

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