On the computer

There are thousands of businesses that have been directly impacted from COVID-19 this year, causing many businesses which normally operate from an office to relocate to their individual homes. Even with the drastic switch to working from home, it’s important to keep the same safety and productivity.

For many businesses, switching to working from home (WFH) means managers can’t perform their regular check-ups on their drivers, doing a ride-along or other general safety assessments. What can they do?

Well, it can’t replace the ride-along, but you can use a GPS vehicle monitoring system which will feel like riding in the car with your drivers but will follow social distancing protocol.

Now there are obviously other alternatives, but fleet tracking users won’t miss a beat when transitioning from the office to the home office. Using any of our fleet tracking plans, you can follow along with your drivers to inspect and ensure their jobs are going as normal.

Follow along with one of your drivers as they go along the route, kind of like this:

This fleet manager is receiving a location update every 30 seconds for his driver. Showing exactly where the driver has gone and if they have broken any safety expectations.


We have a tailored solution designed to be used on a desktop, any computer, mobile and tablets so that you can serve your customers and keep up with your business even when you’re on the go!

Coaching from Home

An added necessity when you don’t see your remote workers every day, or even a few times a week is the need for the coaching conversation.

Although you should use this time to review any safety violations with your drivers, you can also gear the conversation to be a checkup on welfare and learn how your drivers are adapting to their new routines.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding us, but Rhino is committed to keeping your company connected and efficient during throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to learn more about tracking with cameras in the vehicles, please click here.

Leverage a fleet tracking software so your business doesn’t fall behind during these challenging times.