Digital Reports

If we’re going way back, let’s say when email digitized the personal letter, it’s safe to say everything is moving to digital if it isn’t already. Some people still use snail mail, but who doesn’t think this is outdated?

Well, we take the same approach to reporting and maintenance – making it digital.


Timesheet accuracy improves because many service, construction, HVAC, and plumbing workers are hourly workers and their time is determined by whatever they report. This leaves room for dishonesty and overpaying.

We take the onus from the managers and provide a foolproof vehicle management system that tracks itself.

The hours your drivers spend using their vehicles for work is simply recorded in the software dashboard. You can access it at any time.

At the end of the week or pay period, download or look at the report in the fleet management software and everything you need for payroll is right there. No manual entry. No misreported time.



Rhino Fleet Tracking allows for customizable phone, text, and email alerts so that you have access to the data that matters to your business.

Our reports are generated by the telematics information gathered from your drivers’ behaviors. This could be location information, as simple as knowing how many locations your driver was able to service in one day.

Our reports also detail things like the most exceptions of a certain kind as well as showing you which drivers have good habits (lack of exceptions).

These reports could be key when your business is doing performance reviews for drivers, or when someone asks for more money. The proof is in the pudding.

ADDED BONUS: Rhino Fleet Tracking keeps all reporting and telematics data for your company for 365 days, so you can go back and visit any moment in the last year that you need to pull data for.


Our maintenance reports allow you to digitize those pesky things you MUST do to maintain your vehicle health.

When your reps are out driving these cars all day long, they’re probably not paying attention to how the vehicle is doing besides the gas they need to put in it. Heck, some of them aren’t even doing that very well!

Within the Rhino Fleet Tracking software you are able to schedule maintenance for each individual vehicle that you own.

Things like tire rotations, swaps, oil changes, and any mileage-based car maintenance that you need to do can be scheduled in the application.

This means you’ll know ahead of time what needs to be done, and you won’t need to remember anything, it’s in the software for you.

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