HouseboatAt Rhino Fleet Tracking, we take pride in finding the right solution for a multitude of business types.  Did you realize not all fleets are even on land?

One customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking rents out houseboats on the east coast of the United States.  They generally drop an anchor and stay in one place but when there are millions of dollars in question “generally” isn’t quite good enough.

The company approached us to see if we could alert them if their boats moved outside a specified area.  This way, if they started drifting too far away from the shore the customer would know immediately and not have to wait for the renter to alert them.

Using one of our robust asset tracking devices we were able to set up a Geofence around the area the boats were supposed to remain in on the water. Once that was set up, we turned on both text and email alerts for the Geofence and voila! We provided peace of mind for our customer and safety for his boats!

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