Swimming TruckUnfortunately, this one doesn’t have a happy ending…

A business owner using Rhino for their fleet tracking services recently had a truck stolen from his yard overnight while all of his employees were at home.

He had set up every precaution before the night it was stolen, so he received an email alert detailing his vehicle was in use outside of the hours of operation. The alert was there, but … he didn’t wake up from it.

In the morning when he woke, he also saw multiple movement alerts, speeding alerts, and immediately knew something was up.

He tracked down the truck using our fleet management software, which indicated that the truck had driven over 50 miles and then stopped in a parking lot near the James River.

The business owner called the local authorities and to report the incident and together they went to the location of the truck.


It didn’t take long.

After reconfirming the location of the truck through our fleet tracking mobile app, he still didn’t see it anywhere in sight.

He called us and was taken aback, he asked us to verify location and why the truck was not where it was locating.

After determining the last location was in fact in that parking lot, we noticed it had been hours since the device had reported and were completely unable to send a diagnostics code to it (something Tech Support does to easily diagnose device issues).


Had they driven to the river and removed a wired device then left? This seemed so unlikely, but possible. We told him to search for the device, but that was likely the case because this was also unique to us.

Days past and we hadn’t heard back.

More days past and finally a call from the business owner!

Authorities called him and said his vehicle was found floating down the James River!!!!!!!!!

The thief drove the vehicle into the river in the parking lot it last located and flooded the truck so it wouldn’t locate anymore.

How mortifying.

We can’t win every case. But this owner was thankful we gave him a place to start. Start tracking before it’s too late, call Rhino Fleet Tracking at 800-293-0420.

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