(♫ To the tune of “In My Feelings” by Drake ♫)

KiKi, do you hate me, and my drivers
for dancing along instead of working
like they’re supposed to, and driving safely
and representing my brand always…

The latest viral sensation to hit the internet is the KiKi Challenge, where people (foolishly) walk alongside a moving car dancing along to “In My Feelings” by Drake. These kinds of antics are becoming ever more common in the social media world we live in, and if your drivers or crews get caught up in the craze, you could end up on the hook.

Vehicle-based fads like these could be setting your business up for trouble if you’re not utilizing tracking to monitor driving behavior. GPS fleet tracking devices and software like ours can be used to track problematic driving behaviors such as hard braking, speeding, or in the case of the KiKi Challenge, driving far too slowly.

Why should you be concerned?

Safe driving is critical for your business to succeed in the field. If your employee gets into an accident while performing one of these ridiculous viral stunts, your company could be held liable for any damages. Not only might you have to pay for injuries to others, but you will have to handle insurance claims on your own vehicles and face the possibility of higher insurance premiums in the future.

That’s not to mention to costs of dealing with the employee. If they are significantly injured, you could be facing medical expenses and workers’ compensation claims. If you don’t have a GPS tracking solution in place, it could be very difficult to dispute such claims on the grounds that the employee was doing something illegal or endangering themselves.

Then, of course, there’s the impact it has on your brand when people see your workers doing such foolish things, whether online or along the side of the road. The last thing you want is a potential (or current!) customer to lose respect for your business because of something silly you might have been able to stop had the employee known they were being tracked.

KiKi Challlenge

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