Police Chase“One last cross-country trip before prison.” – the criminal in this story, probably.

You’ve heard the beginning before, one of our customers called us because his car was stolen from his rental car lot in Colorado.

Somebody had broken into his lot and stolen a vehicle that had our wired-in tracking device in it (great for theft prevention and recovery). This is where it got interesting.

The vehicle was stolen just before 4am one night, so in the morning when the owner checked his GPS tracking dashboard, he saw the vehicle still moving… It had left Colorado and was headed east.

After getting business going for the day, he contacted local authorities to work with him to get his vehicle back. They ran into a small wall, because it was still in motion it would be hard to recover without creating a chase. It was clear the criminal did not have any idea he was being tracked.

They let it sit for a few hours and watched as the driver continued heading east. Through Missouri and down on to Tennessee and kept driving!!!!!

The owner then called and explained to Rhino Customer Service what was happening and asked if we could alert him when it stopped.

Finally, a full day later, the vehicle stopped in South Carolina where it met the Atlantic Ocean! NEARLY 2,000 miles!!!


Thankful for a robust GPS fleet tracking service, the owner thanked us for helping him locate, and eventually recover, his vehicle.

And for the criminal, well…. Another one bites the dust.

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