We are excited to announce that you can now get started tracking your vehicles with Rhino Fleet Tracking in just a few clicks! With our new online purchase option, you can now choose from two of our trackers to purchase online right now, complete with service.

Buying online does not mean that we leave you high and dry. On the contrary, you get the same great customer support with your online device purchase as you do when you speak to our team. You also have access to a free, personalized, one-on-one orientation to introduce you to our application and get you started on the right foot. If that’s not your style, we have installation documentation and tutorial videos available to help you get set up and acclimated with our application at your own pace.

Plus, if you have any problems or questions, we are always available with our live 5-star customer support to help you out. You will never get an answering machine or have to sit through dozens of automated instructions and options before finally speaking with a human.

GPS tracking devices side-by-side

Is Buying Online Right for Me?

We know you love the simplicity and ease of shopping online without having to speak with a salesperson, but the reality is that GPS vehicle tracking is a nuanced service with more variations than you might expect. Below are some instances where we recommend that you reach out before making your purchase decision:

You’re completely new to GPS tracking with devices.

Even if you have experience using cell phone tracking, tracking with devices is a very different animal. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you select the devices that are right for your needs, explain how they will be installed and why device tracking is far more powerful than cell phone tracking. They will also walk you through a demo of our application so you can hit the ground running.

You’re not sure what kind of devices you need.

We offer more than a half-dozen different tracking devices depending on your needs, but at this time we only offer the two most commonly used devices for online purchase. The reason for this is that we want to ensure that the devices you purchase are the exact right ones for your business needs, and many of the more specialized devices require setup that you wouldn’t want to go through if the device isn’t the solution you’re looking for.

You’re a current customer and the devices you need are not available for online purchase.

If you’ve already purchased with us before, we recommend that you contact us directly for new devices so we can provide more of the same devices you already have to ensure consistency in your device performance and reporting.

You want to track equipment or machinery in addition to (or instead of) vehicles.

Equipment tracking and heavy machinery tracking require more specialized devices and there are a variety of options you’ll want to choose from. We recommend speaking to a member of our sales team to help you identify the exact trackers you need that make the most sense for your operation.

We recommend online buying if:

You’ve used tracking before with another service.

If you’re already familiar with GPS fleet tracking and you know what you need, buying online may be the perfect solution for you.

You only have a small number of modern cars or trucks to track.

If you’re a newer business or just looking to track a few specific vehicles to start, buying your devices online is a great way to get started with tracking. As you grow and see the incredible value tracking offers, you can purchase additional trackers online to meet your needs or call for a free consultation to determine the best next steps.

You’ve done your research.

If you’ve already done research on GPS trackers and you know exactly what kind of trackers you need to help your business, then you are ready to buy online!

You’re a current customer that already uses these devices.

If you already have a number of the OBD and/or wired devices that we offer in the shop, then using the online purchase option is a great choice.

Of Course, It’s Not Rocket Science!

Don’t be intimidated by the fleet tracking purchase process. While we encourage you to reach out to us online or by phone (1-800-293-0420) before making your first purchase, we do so because we want your tracking experience to be top notch right from the start. If you’re ready to make the leap to tracking on your own, we provide everything you will need online so you can rest assured that your tracking journey will succeed.