Many small and medium-sized businesses are often under the impression that they can’t afford to implement a GPS tracking solution, or that they don’t need to think about GPS tracking because they have just one, two or three vehicles. These misconceptions can be quickly dispelled when you give some thought to the benefits that come from the installation of a GPS tracking system.

Asking what the real costs of GPS tracking are is important, but it’s also important to consider the great return on investment (ROI) that your fleet and asset tracking solution can provide to your business.

GPS Tracking ROI

Reduce Fuel Costs

With the right GPS tracking solution implemented, you’ll have the potential to reduce your fuel costs. This is managed in several ways:
– Speeding can see an increase in fuel consumption. With an onboard GPS tracking system you’ll be able to monitor driver behavior and see whether or not they are speeding using your vehicles.
– Excessive idling consumes a great deal of fuel as well. GPS solutions can allow fleet managers to learn just how their vehicles are being used and implement preventative and cost-saving measures.

Potential Insurance Savings

Did you know that many insurance companies offer a discount for vehicles and assets that are equipped with GPS tracking devices? Be sure to reach out to your insurance company to learn just how you can reduce your insurance premiums with the installation of a fleet tracking system.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Quality fleet tracking offers the ability to schedule service and maintenance alerts for the vehicles in your fleet. You can also reduce wear and tear on your vehicles by ensuring that your drivers follow the most efficient routes as well as ensuring that your fleet vehicles are not being utilized for personal business after routine work hours.

Improve your customer response times, as well as your overall customer service, by having access to real-time mapping data. Real-time access will allow you to know precisely where each vehicle in your fleet is, at all times. This in turn will help you dispatch your vehicles to better serve your customers so that you earn that competitive edge.

The real costs of GPS tracking have less to do with the low monthly fee and have so much more to do with the money that your business can save with the installation of the right product to meet your business needs.

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