On the surface, your business looks like it’s running great. You’re making good money, your clients are happy, but something doesn’t feel quite right. Something is lurking beneath the surface…

Recently, the sport of alligator hunting offered a Florida business owner a new perspective on the benefits of our GPS fleet tracking. After rising concerns regarding incorrect timesheets and suspicions that some employees were goofing off while saying they were on a job, a customer of ours decided to do some research. What they found confirmed their suspicion and set in motion a plan to prevent this type of employee misconduct moving forward.

Alligator Lurking

Upon investigation of a specific employee’s behavior, the business owner found the employee at a lake on company time. This employee was not just lounging by the water but had chosen to utilize company time to hunt alligators. When the employer located the vehicle and employee, the employee was not alone; he had multiple dead alligators in the bed of the truck!

One phone call to Rhino Fleet Tracking and this business owner now has an efficient and effective way to make sure employees are appropriately using company time and company vehicles. Whether you’re worried about employees or hunting alligators, our GPS Fleet Tracking provides business owners with a powerful tool to increase productivity while reducing labor costs.