Customer Service Evaluation

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, our Customer Service is topnotch and always a priority for our entire team. We enjoy sharing great Customer Service stories with you as much as we enjoy providing amazing support and service to our customers.

Recently, a client of ours, called us frazzled because his main dispatcher was hospitalized. With a busy fleet and a hospitalized dispatcher who was the sole employee able to navigate, understand, and manage the software, this business owner was pretty distraught.

Our Customer Service team jumped into action finding out what type of support he needed and how the fleet tracking was being utilized.

Eager to set this business owner’s mind at ease we immediately set aside time to train him right there, while visiting his employee in the hospital.

Customer Service guided him through the download of our mobile app and trained him on the ins and outs of fleet tracking so that he could manage his fleet immediately.

While on the call the business owner communicated that it looked like his dispatcher would be in the hospital for an extended period and was concerned about finding time to train another employee. Our Customer Support Rep let him know they would be happy to train another member of the team so he could get back to his role as CEO.

Why not let the experts do it? So, we provided an orientation and training for his back up dispatcher and helped keep his business running with the same efficiency as always.

Even if this isn’t your exact situation, maybe you had an employee leave, or maybe you had to let go of a key member of your team. No matter the situation, if you want more people to operate our fleet tracking software, we are able to customize training to fit your companies needs.

If you’re with one of our competitors and looking for a better overall GPS Tracking experience, we definitely encourage you to give us a call to experience our exceptional customer service. While you’re at it, go ahead and get a demo scheduled.

Already a customer and need more help? Schedule an orientation.