California Heat

We received a call from a business owner who couldn’t understand why his fuel expenses were increasing during the summer even though business had slightly declined.

Curious as to whether vehicles were being misused, they decided to give us a call to investigate the situation.

Initially, employee trips looked fairly normal regarding how long individuals were on specific jobs. So, we dug deeper to discover the root of the issue.

We asked about the normal work hours for his employees and we were told they usually start around 7am and can work late into the afternoons.

Since the drivers start from home, the business had chosen not to monitor what happened between sites. The thing was, as long as they’re at every job site on time, that was enough.

We found that many drivers were starting their trucks and idling for half an hour to forty-five minutes once the car was started.  Due to the extremely hot weather, drivers were choosing to cool down their vehicles prior to leaving for their next jobsite.

Since 5-10 minutes is sufficient in cooling down a vehicle, this employer decided to address the excessive idling that was significantly increasing the fuel expense for the company.

Thanks to our fleet tracking services, this employer was able to understand the fuel increase and coach employees on what they deemed an acceptable timeframe to cool down vehicles in hot weather.

With Rhino Fleet Tracking, you can reference your fuel expenses with your mileage driven and always stay on top of fuel spend.

Keep your employees cool while never letting your fuel go to waste. Call us today at 800-293-0420.

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