Business in the telecommunications industry is highly competitive and customer retention is pivotal in the success of your company. Time management is the key to providing the kind of customer service that will turn your first time customers into loyal brand advocates. By installing GPS fleet management technology with Rhino Fleet Tracking, you can optimize your efficiency, increase daily customer visits, and lower operating costs while providing industry leading customer service.

Vehicle tracking systems give fleet managers the 24/7 real-time location insight to develop the most efficient schedules and routes for each member of your fleet. You will know where each of your drivers are at all times. This will enable you to dispatch the closest technician to each call that will minimize downtime and drive time. You will also be able to continuously update your routing and scheduling based on up-to-date information concerning traffic and hazardous weather conditions. This will help your drivers avoid any obstacles, which could risk their safety or efficiency. The knowledge that technician location and movement is being monitored will also promote increased efficiency at and between each job site. Studies indicate that implementing GPS fleet tracking will increase your productivity by 12%. This increased productivity will allow you to complete more daily jobs than ever before, while decreasing unnecessary fuel usage and wear and tear on company vehicles. By increasing your company’s productivity by as little as 30 minutes, you could save $3,000 per employee annually.

Using GPS insight to enhance your fleet routing and scheduling will allow you to respond quicker to both routine and emergency calls. The closest technicians can be sent to each call to ensure that your customers receive your excellent service with as much urgency as possible. Fleet managers will also be able to provide more accurate estimated arrival times. With the ability to monitor the speed and location of your technicians and the traffic and weather conditions they are encountering, fleet managers can keep customers updated if the estimated arrival time changes. This will assure your customers that respect for their busy schedule is a priority for your technicians and your brand.

Not only will GPS technology generate more business due to positive word of mouth, but it will also earn you valuable dollars back on insurance expenses. Accidents, speeding tickets, and other traffic violations can lead to a significant increase in your insurance premiums. However, fleet tracking devices give you the ability to monitor driving behavior such as hard breaking, sudden acceleration, and speeding. This knowledge will promote responsible vehicle operation among your technicians, which will prevent expensive insurance premiums. Insurance providers recognized the increased safety of drivers and vehicles and the ease of recovering stolen property with GPS technology. Therefore, proof of installation of vehicle telematics systems with safety feedback technology can save you as much as 15% in insurance discounts per quarter. These discounts in combination with the cheaper premiums can result in overall insurance savings of as much as 30%.

Not convinced yet? Contact Rhino Fleet Tracking today and let us show you all the benefits that GPS technology can bring to your business!