20K Heist

What’s worse than having your equipment stolen and having no way to track it?

Having your equipment stolen and finding it via GPS tracking, but being told by the police you have to wait to recover it.

A customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking got stuck in a bind recently when $20,000 of equipment got stolen from his yard and he needed to recover it. Since he had one of our asset tracking devices installed on the trailer, we were able to locate the device even when it wasn’t hooked up to a vehicle.

He called us to see if we could verify the location of his device and we were able to do so quickly.

He took this information to the police, told them what happened, and took the police with him to the location of the equipment. It was right where it showed on the map, sitting out in the open.

He knew the equipment was his, and the police knew it was his, but since the gate was shut the police told him they were unable to retrieve it for him until they got a warrant.

Imagine staring at $20,000 that was stolen from you, but you can’t take it back.


Once again, Tracking saves the day

He called us back to thank us and let us know what transpired, that he’d have to wait for the warrant before he could go in. He also expressed his fear that the equipment would get moved before the police could finish their paperwork.

Our tech support team had a fantastic solution within our tracking software. They set up a landmark around the location where his equipment was sitting. This way, if the equipment was moved from that location, he would get a text and an email immediately.

Thankfully, it never did, and he was able to reclaim the stolen equipment within a few days.

This story has a happy ending and the business owner got his equipment back undamaged.

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