flat tireWhen your business uses a GPS fleet management software regularly, you’ll discover useful aspects of the service that weren’t previously being utilized. Even after the demos of the service, you’ll still find things you may want to eventually put to use for your company.

Those are nice discoveries, and you are always welcome to call Rhino Fleet Tracking if you have more questions about integrations or what you can do with your fleet tracking service.

This customer didn’t discover this because she wanted to, she found that having a vehicle monitoring system was an emergency.

That’s just the case for this fleet tracking user.

Doing business around the Los Angeles area, this company had an employee incur car trouble and needed help quickly. There was an entire tire that blew out while she was on the road and she was headed to a client!

She quickly called the fleet manager and was able to tell the neighborhood she was in, but she couldn’t put her finger on the location.

After looking and their fleet tracking dashboard, the fleet manager saw exactly where she was and told her to stay put.

They had a mechanic contracted that was just down the street. Thankfully he was able to bring her a new tire and get it put on in no time. Within the hour she was able to get back on her way. And although she was a little behind for the day, she didn’t miss anything.

Fleet Tracking is here to save you in emergencies. To save you time. And to save you money. What’s the hold up?