Lost in a car lot

The Tale of the lost OBD

Recently, a few of our team members got a hands-on fleet tracking experience with our OBD Device by installing them into their cars.

Well, a few weeks ago, one of the employees sold his vehicle to a dealership and forgot the OBD Device was still installed. Luckily the OBD device is a robust tracking system!

He called the sales rep and explained what happened and was promised the device would be sent back to him in the mail. Two weeks went by, still no device in the mail, so he took matters into his own hands.

He checked his device dashboard and saw that the OBD device was still active, and the vehicle had been parked in the same spot since he sold it to the dealership. With the help of our tech support staff, he found a business address where the car was located.

You can guess – it was in an auction lot with thousands of other vehicles!!

The lot staff was reluctant to help him, saying there was no way he could know his vehicle was in this specific lot. They were even less convinced when he told them he knew exactly where it was because he had a GPS device installed, but they let him look.

A man on a mission, with the guidance of our tech support he pinpointed exactly where the car was parked. Of course, he opened the door to find the OBD device still there, functional, and he successfully recovered it.

Mission accomplished!

Stay ahead of the game and install an OBD device. Whether your business vehicle is sold, lost, stolen, or you just want to keep track of its location, we can always help!

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