Washington USAWe love to hear stories about inventive ways customers are able to use our software to help their businesses operate better.

Sometimes those inventive solutions can be to simply keep their employees in check.

A customer in Idaho has a mobile fleet that does business all around the state and in a few neighboring states.

One day, the owner called Rhino to tell us his devices would occasionally locate in Washington and he wasn’t sure why they were there without any clients.

It didn’t happen often, but after a few occasions of the trucks driving all the way to Washington he decided to get to the bottom of things.

After further investigation of his employees, he found that a few of his employees were making the trip to Washington to get marijuana legally and then driving it back over to Idaho.

Immediately, he terminated his employees that were breaking the law.

He asked if there was any way Rhino could help prevent this from happening again or at the very least alerting him as soon as it begins.  This is where the creativity comes in!

We set up Landmarks on all the roads in Idaho that lead to Washington so anytime his employees were headed that way he would get an immediate alert.

Sometimes helping your business is as easy as pulling out the bad weeds. Call Rhino Fleet Tracking at 1-800-293-0420.

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