Hello I Am Suing YouFor many Rhino Fleet Tracking customers, the value of fleet tracking comes from protecting against the unexpected.

After repeated misuse of their vehicles, company cards, and general policy, one company was forced to take action against their employee and fire him.

No business owners like having to fire someone, but there was no love lost for this guy.

Months later that same employee filed a lawsuit against the company claiming they had wrongfully fired him and he wanted compensation.

Without tracking, he might have a good argument. There would be no real way to determine what he was doing while he was out because it would be untracked. It would just be one person’s word against another.

Luckily, the owner called us and asked to reactivate the device, she had it suspended until she hired a replacement driver. With it turned back on she could pull all the previous reports from his vehicle and tracker. She had proof of everywhere he had been in the company truck and when.

The evidence was right there. Numerous driving infractions, prolonged stops at locations he should have never been at during work hours, and even one instance of taking the company car out of town for personal vacation.

His lawsuit was unfounded and dismissed.  The business owner didn’t have to give him a dime!

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