Mechanic Opening CarOne of the numerous ways that fleet tracking is able to benefit our customers is through the service and maintenance feature within the software dashboard.

Utilizing service and maintenance appropriately will greatly reduce the chance of your vehicles becoming liabilities while on the road.

Schedule vehicle maintenance for any of your vehicles within our software and be sure to include any associated costs.

Including associated costs with the services is the best way to reap the benefits of out maintenance reports, which shows you how any of your vehicles have fared over a certain duration of time.

The more accurate data that is entered into our fleet tracking service dashboard, the more reports you are able to build to see how vehicles perform over time. This provides unique insight into which vehicles are costing the most money, which vehicles are performing the best, and ultimate which vehicles need to be replaced.

You can best understand service and tickets, but understanding our breakdown of current, overdue and upcoming tickets.

Current, Overdue and Upcoming Service Tickets

Current tickets are services that are in the need for service or maintenance right now. You set a date to determine when your vehicles will need service and the software will remind you.

Overdue tickets are tickets that should have been taken care of but you may have missed. To clear overdue tickets you’ll need to schedule service.

Upcoming Tickets help you understand which of your vehicles have similar services that need to be done. So when 3 vehicles have upcoming tire replacements or oil changes, you know to take them all in at the same time.

Utilizing the service and maintenance portion of our software helps reduce vehicle liability by keeping maintenance on schedule.

Your drivers and vehicles will thank you for using our software to help keep their vehicles fresh.