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For small business owners, the hiring process is often more of a hassle than a joy. Even though you’re excited to be growing, spending time creating a job listing, sifting through applicants, working through interviews and eventually making that hire can be painful. So once you finally make that decision to bring someone on, you feel confident that all that hard work is going to pay off because heck, you did your due diligence!

A customer of ours owns a plumbing business. He has eight vans with crews going out daily, all of which he tracks, and he’s excited because he’s growing and ready to add another van, which means hiring a new worker. After many interviews, he’s found his man and is ready to send the new employee out on the job.

The mistake of not utilizing the fleet tracking service on this employee…

In the hustle to get the new hire working and making a dent in the backlog of jobs, this customer has put off adding another device to his plan to be able to track this new vehicle. He thinks to himself: “I just went through the long and arduous hiring process, and the new hire seems like a great guy, so I’ll worry about getting his truck tracked later on.” So, the new hire is sent out into the world to start working jobs.

But he doesn’t. In fact, our customer is unable to get ahold of the guy at all for a day. And then another day. And then a third day! Now he’s worried, and immediately regrets not putting a tracking device in his new van. Finally, the “worker” turns on his work iPad in his van, which allows our customer to discover where the employee is: at a hotel. After calling the police to go see if the worker is ok, he discovers the worst: the employee is at the hotel doing drugs!

At this point our customer is not trying to get the guy in trouble, he just wants his van back!

The moral of the story: once you start tracking your fleet, you will quickly see the value in it. As you grow, you need to be sure you track all your new vehicles because as much as you want to trust your instincts and your employees, you just never know what might happen.

Flexible Month-to-Month GPS Tracking Service Makes Adding Vehicles Easy

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