For many, there are still a lot of question marks when it comes to operating businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

A new customer of ours joined because they won a contract they never thought they’d get (or need!).

A private medical company in Indiana with vehicles designed for emergency services was needed for the COVID-19 outbreak in New York.

With cases rising the demand for emergency medical vehicles rose, and our customer saw the opportunity.


Organizational Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Initially needing GPS tracking to ensure their vehicles made it safely to New York, the fleet manager quickly found how valuable fleet tracking would be for the business.

Their Indiana-based drivers were able to use route planning to navigate New York’s unfamiliar streets and reduce unnecessary risks.

New jobs are entered into the tracking system as they come in, so when one job is finished the fleet manager can dispatch the closest available driver to that new location.

Additionally, reporting has been beneficial for them because the fleet manager no longer has to spend time waiting for drivers to answer calls. Not as many check-ins required means everyone can work more efficiently.

At the end of each week the fleet manager downloads a report that shows vehicle use for driver timesheets.

Time spent logging jobs was completely eliminated because driver data is available for 365 days in the software.

And a cherry on top… the fleet manager informed us that being able to download a stop report makes dealing with insurance companies way easier – something that can’t be taken for granted.

Insurance companies love having these reports to quickly see how to pay for their services. Gray areas are eliminated.

Thankfully, they’ll be using GPS fleet tracking long after they leave New York! We love to see it.

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