Restless womanA long time customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking called us recently because she hired a new driver and things hadn’t gone as smoothly as she hoped.

Even though she hadn’t changed the workload from her previous employee, the new one seemed to have a pretty large spike in his fuel use. After a few weeks she caught herself reimbursing her newest guy even more than her busiest driver.

This couldn’t be right. She had a conversation with him about fuel costs and wasting miles which led to a decrease, but in the passing weeks the driver still spent more on fuel than his miles added up to.

She suspected misuse and that’s why she called us.

Kelley, one of our customer success managers, was able to walk her through some of the best options to determine if employees are misusing her expensive equipment.

Together they decided on after-hours alerts, which notify the business owner if the vehicle is being used outside of the hours they select as okay for use. He was making all his stops during the day and as far as she could tell not going anywhere else, so maybe the extra gas was being used after his workday was done.

What she discovered was worse than she imagined. On the first night she got an alert that the employees car was moving at 2am so she checked what was happening. She watched patiently and saw that he drove all the way across town and stopped at a gas station.

The vehicle sat right there until being used again at 6:30am, over four hours later.

Before confronting her employee, she called the gas station and asked if they could check their cameras because she suspected her employee of unprofessional behavior.

Sure enough, she saw her car pulled in the lot and parked right in front. The employee then got out of the car and got into someone else’s, leaving the work vehicle on the at the gas station until he returned.

The vehicle carried thousands of dollars in precious equipment, things like computers, phones, and other gadgets needed for daily jobs. Not something you’d want left, unattended, in a public parking lot overnight!

The rest of the story is out of our hands. The business owner confronted her employee and resolved her issue. She was extremely thankful we were able to help her find a solution to her problem.

Do you suspect your employee is mistreating your vehicles or equipment? Call us today at 800-293-0420 or fill out the form below.

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